This programme is developed according to the increasingly close cooperation between China and Japan, as well as the expanding trend of great communication in the fields of politics, economy, culture, sports, etc. The programme is fitting for the fresh graduates from senior high school who aspire to go to Japan for furthering study. Students are going to accomplish two academic years’ study in the International College of Xiamen University and another two years’ study in Shizuoka Sangyo University. As long as the students meet all the standards of the courses, they will be conferred diploma and Bachelor degree by Shizuoka Sangyo University.

Characteristics of the Program

lRegistration: As soon as students enter the International Collegethey can start to apply for Shizuoka Sangyo University, then obtain the conditional offer.

lEducational model: Small class, teaching in Japanese.

lScholarship: Shizuoka Sangyo University offers several scholarships to qualified international students as well as reductions in tuition and fees. The scholarships come from different types of funding resources such as government, local government and private organizations.

lEconomical Tuition and living expense (for reference):

Tuition: 49,000 RMB/year

Living expense: 60,000-75,000 RMB/year

lStudy in Japan: After studying in the International College for 2 years, students can continue to have 2 years’ major studies in Shizuoka Sangyo University.


The first two years: in the International College

lJapanese (including listening, speaking, reading, writing and the training for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test )

lGeneral information about Japan (including Japanese politics, economy and culture)



lElementary courses

lOverseas learning skills

The third and fourth year: major courses provided by Shizuoka Sangyo University

Specialty for reference:

1.School of Management

Teaches students the knowledge necessary in the business and sports worlds. The rise in health consciousness has created new business in the sports world and a feature of our school is the Department of Sports Management which educates students to be leaders in this field.

lDepartment of Business Management

Offers students four courses indispensable to modern business.

Places emphasis on the gaining of a variety of qualifications.

International Business Course—teaches English and information handling ability, and promotes the skills necessary in international business.

Environmental Business Course—teaches environmental protection and management based on business management principles.

Business Productions Course—teaches both IT and business management and educates people to create new IT businesses.

Accounting and Finance Course—teaches accounting and management, and looks at strategic accounting systems appropriate for business enterprises.

lDepartment of Sports Management

Offers students 3 courses teaching both business and education and educates students to support the sports industry.

Sports Management Course—covers fields as diverse as marketing theory, sociology and psychology to support sports business.

Sports Education Course—teaches the specialized knowledge and the skills required by sports instructors from a theoretical and practical angle.

Preschool Sports Course—teaches the physique, psychology and care of children to qualify students to work as sports instructors.

2.School of Information Studies

Teaches information management applicable in the fields of design and international business. Focuses on ‘design’ and ‘internationalism’ for the information management age. Teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to design and utilize information, and the language skills and information processing skills for an international environment to equip students to work in a borderless information society.

lDepartment of Digital Information Design

Teaches skills and knowledge for information management and equips students to support the contents industry.

Digital Media and Image Production Course—teaches the skills necessary for image production and teaches students to use image media for the transmission of information.

Computer Graphics and Information Systems Studies—teaches the latest skills for CG production and fosters the creativity necessary for the production of new ways of expression.

Advertising and Digital Contents Course—teaches the ‘techniques’ and the ‘theory’ of expression in advertising to foster people with talent in both areas.

lDepartment of Communication Studies

Fosters practical language skills and business ability.

Communication Course—focuses on English and communication subjects. Equips students to work in the fields of international business and mass communication and as English teachers.

Tourism Studies—teaches tourism and business theory in preparation for work in the fields of tourism and promotion of local regions.

Public Policy and Management Course—offers a variety of subjects related to government and management. Includes courses appropriate for those aspiring to the public service.

Asia Business Course—teaches Asian languages and culture. Aimed at developing Asian business world.

Duration: 4 years

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