1. Jointly run with foreign universities

We cooperate with international educational institutes to provide preparation programs. Students who pass the examinations can continue to study undergraduate and Master’s courses in English-speaking countries, including the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Outstanding students will have opportunities to receive scholarships or exemptions.

2. Brand new curriculums

International education standards are adopted. We take Chinese students’ characteristics into consideration and integrate intensive English training, basic professional courses and moral education. Through the preparation program, the students can better adapt to the overseas study in language, learning skills, culture and lifestyle.

3. Orderly classes

We implement the cultivation policy of “adopting unrestricted admission standard, laying firm foundation and diversifying courses” and flexible credit management system.

4. Innovative student management system

We integrate education, management and services as one. Students from different departments can communicate with each other.

5. Highly efficient educational facilities

Our campus is well-equipped. We have library, swimming pool with constant temperature, sports fields, cafeterias and many more. The library building is the biggest individual architecture in all universities across the country with 3,000 seat capacity and over 2.5 million books. We also have advanced service systems, such as multimedia experience area, language lab and information exchange halls. The commercial area covers 3,240 square meters with mobile communication services, post office, supermarket, barbershop, drugstore etc.

6. Safe environment                       

  Citizens around the campus are nice and friendly. Security is always one of our top priorities. Local police force helps us ensure a stable and safe environment.

7. Convenient living conditions

We provide units containing 3 to 4 roomsfor students. They share a toilet and two shower rooms. Each room is equipped with 4 beds, balcony, air conditioning and wardrobes. We also have other facilities including banks, self-service laundry and hospital. We use all-in-one campus card system for shopping. We ensure food security and good nutrition in cafeterias.

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