James Cook University Vice President Cum Singapore Campus Principal Arrives for a Visit


On the morning of November 5th, a delegation — Professor Chris Rudd OBE, the Executive Vice President of the James Cook University as well as the Principal of its Singapore Campus, Kevin Liu, the Chief Operating Officer, Vivian Wen, China Market Manager and Crystal Cao, Eastern China Regional Marketing Manager — arrived in the International College for a visit designed to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation with the International College of Xiamen University.


Ms. Guanhua Huang, Deputy Dean of the OEC/International College met the guests in conference room C303 for a talk, with other faculty also present.


During the meeting, Ms. Huang extended her warmest welcome to the guests. She introduced the International College’s development prospects as well as current projects of cooperation with the James Cook University. She pointed out the 3+1+1 Pre-Master’s and Master’s Programme, of which the Singapore Campus of the James Cook University was a participant, would be one of the options for students looking for opportunities to study abroad. Vice-principal suggested that further cooperation between the two institutions will be mutually beneficial.


Principal Rudd was very thankful for the warm welcome he received at the International College. He, in turn, also introduced the Singapore Campus, a branch campus under direct jurisdiction of the James Cook University’s main campus in Australia. Founded in 2003, the campus is an important milestone in the university’s mission of internationalization; the University aims for its Singapore Campus to become a regional-class university in Asia.The James Cook University guarantees that the quality of education remains equal between its two campuses; their diplomas are widely recognized and consistent. Regardless of whether students decide to spend their entire term at the Singapore campus or to move to Australia in the middle of their study, the diplomas they will receive will be recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.On behalf of the James Cook University, he expressed hopes that cooperation between the two institutions would go further while also inviting more of the International College’s students to come visit the Singapore Campus of the James Cook University.


After the talks, Principal Rudd and the delegation took a tour of the Xiang’an Campus.


Translated by: Kirill Sharkovski


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