The International College of Xiamen University Holds 2019 Higher Education Forum


With a mission to foster communication among students and partner colleges, the 2019 Higher Education Forum was held by the International College of Xiamen University on  Nov. 4th in B 102 of Kunluan Building. The event was initiated by the Ministry of Education’s Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange.


Representatives of over 20 colleges from the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore were present, aiming to provide more academic exchange opportunities for students of the International College.This year’s forum was supported by the Ministry of Education’s Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, with Mr. Di Lu, the Vice President of one of its subordinate companies, Yihong Inc., attending.


A lecture on studying abroad


Before the forum, lectures were held as well in B 102 Lecture Hall and A 206 by the  faculty of Ministry of Education’s Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange. Updated information on relevant policy and procedures, corresponding services were introduced and explained by officials from MOE. The College’s graduates from 3 foundation programmes (3+1+1 Advanced Diploma Programme, 2+2 Amer/EA Programme, 1+2 UClan Programme) attended the lectures, and received the latest Handbook for Overseas Study, which provided detailed induction to the partnership colleges, majors, language courses and so on.



During the Q & A session, students and their parents raised questions concerning IELTS score requirements, college rankings, majors, and tuition fees and so on. Most of them gave positive feedback on the activities, remarking that the 3-hour consultation provided them with a better understanding of the overseas study plan.

 Students and their parents communicate with foreign university representatives


During the forum, representatives from the foreign university offered detailed explanations to students’ inquiries, and they also provided brochures and/or videos to specify requirements for different majors. Some of them were very impressed by the initiative and clear sense of goals of the students here in the International College. Nate, a teacher from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom, said that students coming from the International College were competent and responsive, ranking highly in academic performance and standing a better chance of progressing to top  Master programmes. Toni, a teacher from the University of the Central Queensland University in Australia also felt contended that  after finishing a 3+1 Bachelor’s programme at the CQU, the College graduates received Master’s offers from universities all over Australia, including Monash University, the University of Queensland, the Queensland University of Technology, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


The 11th  Higher Education Forum had a successful completion. It has become a tradition for the International College to provide such a platform to deepen the exchange and understanding between partnership colleges and students.


Translated by: Kirill Sharkovski


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