Fruitful results of exemption entrance examination for graduates of International College, 2020


Recently, the exemption examination work has officially closed. The results for International College graduates were rather gratifying. 14 students recommended were all admitted by the universities they applied for. Among them, 5 students were admitted by Renmin University of China, and the rest were admitted by other top universities, including Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Central University of Finance and Economies, Xi’ an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Southeast University, Shanghai National Accounting Institute and so on. And two of them were admitted as bachelor-straight-to-doctorate-students. The numbers of students being exempted from the entrance examination for graduate students and the proportion of students being bachelor-straight-to-doctorate were both greater than ever before, which indicates that the our college’s teaching quality has been improved steadily and our college has been extensively recognized by other institutions.


Our college put the work on the exemption entrance examination the priority in the all types of work at college. For this purpose a group leading by the dean of the college was specifically established. The group carefully revised the work rules, providing strong support to guarantee the work carrying out successfully and held forum, inviting lots of outstanding students who were admitted by their target school through exemption of examination to encourage students to actively take part in summer camps held by different universities and to share the experiences and interviewing skills. Students were put in the first place and if there are conflicts between the interview of our college and those of other universities, we will give the students remote interviews to safeguard the rights and interest of all candidates on the condition that the exemption of examination work is just, fair and open.


“Based on the basics” was emphasized in the meeting of education work of high educational institutions throughout the country. The meeting also made requests to the universities to push “Four returns” and to build world-class undergraduate education with Chinese characteristics. The undergraduate education of our college (XMU-DBS Sino-Foreign Educational Cooperation) has constantly innovated the mode of talents cultivating to improve of qualification of which and continuously gone global since the project started 8 years ago. Whether choosing to stay in china for further education or going abroad, the graduates of our college receive wide recognition from top-tier universities and companies both home and abroad.


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