Guiding from famous teachers, sharing teaching experiences, and building first-class undergraduate teaching


From July 17th to 19th , the 7th Xiamen university backbone teachers training camp was held in Xiamen University Xiang 'an campus. This activity was jointly sponsored by the Teacher Development Center, Labor Union of the university, the Office of Teaching Affairs, the Department of Teachers' Work and the Human Resources Department of Xiamen University. Six teachers from our college, Hong bin, Lin Yingting, Zhao Bangxiu, Tang Feng, Wang Zhendong  and Zhou Jingwen participated in the summer camp.


Through various activities such as keynote speech, workshops, teaching demonstration classes, teachers' forums, teaching selection competition and physical training, the summer camp discussed how to make the classroom more vivid, promote teachers' teaching ability, improve the teaching quality of colleges and universities, and facilitate development of higher education.


The most eye-catching one of the summer camp is the birth of famous teachers -- the selection for 2035 teaching competition. 14 teachers from Xiamen University and China University of Mining and Technology participated in the competition on July 19th. Ms. Lin Yingting from our college took part in the contest and gave a vivid and professional course on the topic of Appreciation of Architecture Art. Other participants also endeavored to show their expertise in teaching.  After all the parts of this competition, including mobile phone voting, mentors and expert’s comments and voting, Ms. Lin Yingting left everyone the deepest impression with her in-depth teaching content, well-designed teaching design and excellent command of language and won the competition with the highest score.


The relaxed research and study activities and the dynamic interaction mode enabled the young teachers to gain practical skills, enhance the communication and academic skills among the young teachers from various disciplines, and at the same time enabled the young teachers to rapidly improve their teaching ability from the guidance of masters and peer.


Mr. Wang Zhendong felt deeply about this activity: here we can have face-to-face communication with experts and teachers, and exchange ideas with colleagues and predecessors who are now still teaching in various disciplines. Meanwhile, the teaching competition also provides a good example for young teachers. Other participants also said that they benefited a lot from the camp. They have not only learned the teaching skills, but also learned how to be a good teacher.

The Labor Union of the University paid great attention to this activity, strongly supported young teachers to participate in this summer camp, and provided them with good logistics support. In the future, the college will endeavor to the improvement teaching skills of college teachers, facilitate the quality of college talent training to a new level.



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