The cooperative project of our college and the Information college was awarded gold medal in “Internet+” Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Xiamen University


On June 29th, the fifth “Internet+” Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Xiamen University was held in Siming campus. More than 60 teams from Xiamen University took part in it. HONG SHU LIN team, which is led by our college’s grade 2017 undergraduate Wang Xiyue, Dong Wenjun, zhang xu won the gold medal for its project The tridimensional public education platform for rural primary and middle school students .


In recent years, rural education has been widely concerned by the society. In order to implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's speech on rural reform and contribute to rural education, the project members of our college have set up a tridimensional public education platform for rural primary and middle school students. By using big data and Internet technology, through online education model, the project is committed to solving various drawbacks of current rural volunteer education. The panel of judges agreed that the platform could save manpower and material resources, provide a good supplement for rural education resources and effectively integrate social resources. By excellent project ideas and results, the projects of our college have stood out from many other projects and won the gold medal of the school competition.


Internet+” Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was first held in 2014. It has 3 levels of competition format: school level, provincial level and national level. It has achieved excellent results in the long-term social practice, gained great attention from the Ministry of Education, and now it has become a one of the most significant national level events for the college students. Under the guidance of the school's continuous innovation for entrepreneurship education reform, our college leaders attach great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship. This award is the result of our college's long-term promotion of students’ innovation, which will encourage the college to build up innovation and entrepreneurship education model, improve the quality of college talent training, and facilitate comprehensive development of students in our college.

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