Practice keeps youth alive-- The pre–departure sharing session of summer social practice


The 2019 summer social practice is about to start. In order to clarify the aims of this event and ensure every single team can organize activities efficiently and smoothly, overseas education college/international college planned the pre-departure sharing session. At 8:00am on June 26th, associate professor Guo Jianhua, institute party committee assistant deputy secretary Luo Junfeng, committee secretary Jiang Yuta, counselor Chen Yixin, members of the student union and representatives from the practice teams attended the meeting in Kunluan building, Room C202.


Representatives from Minnan cultural heritage protection and innovation practice team did the presentations and raised a question about the lack of experts of Minnan culture . On this issue, leaders indicated that they can contact and recommend some experts. Meanwhile, they provided some rewarding information to the students who are going to Jinmen about the visa formalities and travel safety.


The team which is planning to go to Hetian, Xinjiang is selected as the key practice team of Xiamen University. After their presentation, vice secretary Luo Junfeng advised that it is important for the team to film the process of this social practice and put their emphasis  on observing the great changes in rural area and the achievements in socialist modernization. Finally, he hoped that the practice team can have a harvest and gain a broader outlook in One Belt and One Road.


The third team focus on how to guide the youth to surf the internet in a healthy way“, and they decided to start the research from the stars who are subjected to cyber violence. Leaders and teachers advised that they should pay more attention on the issue of how to guide teenagers to surf the internet in a healthy way and how to build a healthy cyber environment instead of spending too much effort to discuss excessive consumption of Internet celebrities. They insisted that in order to make the research valuable, the third team should spread the positive energy and pursue truth..


Then, leaders and teachers communicate with the remaining four practice teams respectively, to further understand their practice topics and plans. After the discussion, teachers proposed systematical solutions for problems faced by teams, and help to make improvement on practice topics and the research method. At the end of the meeting, Luo Junfeng, deputy secretary of the college, expressed the concern as well as expectations to the students and reminded them to pay attention to travel safety.


This meeting was both serious and warm, fulfilling laughter and teachings .It was not merely a sharing session but also an intimate communication between the leaders, teachers and students, which solved the difficulty faced by each team and helped to increase the enthusiasm and reinforce the faith of everyone involved.


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