The youth of fighting is the most beautiful Exercise and exchange cultivate talents——Huang Fang, deputy secretary of Xiamen League Municipal Committee, and her entourage came to our college


On the afternoon of June 26, Huang Fang, deputy secretary of the communist youth league of Xiamen municipal committee, Chen Simin, head of the league municipal party committee, visited our college. Wang Yi, secretary of the party committee of our college, professor Tao Tao, dean of our college, Luo Junfeng and Cheng Xiangliu, deputy secretaries of the party committee, and Jiang Yuta, secretary of the league committee of the college attended the meeting.


Huang Fang represented municipal party committee expressed its gratitude to the college for sending Jiang Yuta to the party committee to hang up its post. The party committee sent a thank-you letter to the college. She fully affirmed Jiang Yuta’s outstanding performance and work during the period of acting as an assistant to the minister of the junior department of the Communist Party Committee. Facing the difficulties bravely, working hard, being good at studying, being brave in innovation and having strong ability of organization and coordination is a true portrayal of him. Jiang Yuta also accepted the crystal commemorative card specially customized by the Communist Party Committee for himself, the most beautiful youth of fighting. Deputy Secretary Huang Fang hoped that the college would continue to be concerned about supporting the work of the Xiamen Communist Youth League in the future.


Tao Tao, dean of the International College, welcomed the guidance of the Communist Party Committee. He said, Putting the young cadres of the college in this challenging environment to exercise, to contact the new contexts, to increase the experience, is a rare opportunity for them, and it is of great significance to carry out the follow-up work of the college.” In the future, he hopes to continue communicating and cooperating with the Communist Party Committee to give full play to the characteristics of the International College, and transform the advantage resources into high-quality projects of the Tell the Chinese story and spread the voice of China. 


Wang Yi, secretary expressed an affirmation of the growth of Comrade Jiang Yutaka. She said now comrade Jiang Yutai has become more open-minded and more enterprising in his work. She said that the principal Mr. Zhang has also stressed that it is important for colleges and universities to provide service to local communities, schools and the public actively. Sending young cadres to the local level not only supports the work of the school, but also realizes the goal of training young cadres in a challenging environment.


In his speech to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th movement, general secretary XI Jinping pointed out, we should take the initiative to approach young people, listen to young people, and be an attentive friend of young people. We need to care for young people, do youth work in a warm-hearted way. We must educate and guide young people, and lead the way for them.


Not long ago, Zhang Huichen, an undergraduate of the Dublin program of our college, went into the Xiamen Shuangshi middle school with Guo Xu, doctoral student of Xiamen University and Xu Peixuan, the Vice-Secretary-General of the Thailand School of Xiamen of Xiamen University. They shared their stories of working and studying oversea and learning in China. It is well received by both teachers and students. This is a propaganda activity organized by the municipal Communist Party Committee and the municipal students' federation, which entitled I have an appointment with China. This activity has received strong support from our college, and also fully responded to the theme of the Youth Heart to the Party, Build New Fujian, a speech launched by Provincial League Committee. It contributed to guide the teenagers develop their patriotism and the spread mainstream value.


The college hopes to take this kind of cooperation as an opportunity and platform to promote the exchange and temporary posts of young cadres in and out of the school, so as to exercise, test and train them in various practices and broad fields. We will guide young students to pursue excellence in learning, cultivate and practice core socialist values, and consciously integrate Patriotism, ambition to build a strong country and service to the country into the fighting of realizing the great rejuvenation of China. At the same time, we will strengthen the Chinese culture education for overseas students, cultivate their sense of identity with Chinese culture, and guide them to promote Chinese language and spread Chinese excellent traditional culture.

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