Leaving a book for my alma mater—the graduation season thanksgiving activity of the Undergraduate Party Branch of International College


Graduation season is approaching, and the class of 2019 of Xiamen University is about to walk out of the campus, embarking on a new journey of life. On this occasion the graduating class party members of the Undergraduate Party Branch of International College put their ideals and beliefs into action and organized a graduation season thanksgiving activity of leaving a book for my alma mater.


The main part of the activity is collecting donated books from the graduates for the school library. In the early preparation stage, the party branch made full publicity through WeChat and QQ, calling on graduating students to actively participate in the book donation activity, which gained enthusiastic response from the graduates.


From June 17th, party members of the graduating class of the branch were on duty every evening from 18:00 to 20:00 in the second dormitory park, receiving professional books, reference books, extracurricular reading materials and magazines donated by graduates, and registering and sorting out the collected books. Over the past three days, the party branch has collected 400 books, including 196 professional books, 108 reference books for IELTS and TOEFL, 70 novels and magazines, and 26 other books. All the books were sent to Dewang Library on June 20th.


In response to the Central Branch of Campus Student Organization’s call for giving thanks together—graduates service day, graduating class party members also helped librarians to sort out library books. On the occasion of their graduation, they expressed their gratitude to the library staff for their hard work in the past four years.


“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.” This graduation season thanksgiving activity helped the graduates show their gratitude for our alma mater and school staff. At the same time, it gave full play to the vanguard exemplary role of party members.




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