The International College held a grand 2019 graduation ceremony


The Delonix regia flowers blossom, season after season, Xiamen University International College freshmen are heading for a new dream. On the morning of June 6, the International College held the 2019 graduation ceremony. More than 600 graduates of the 2019 of the International College, their relatives and friends, and all the faculty and staff attended the ceremony to witness this grand, solemn and festive moment.


Professor Tao Tao, Dean of the Overseas Education College/International College, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Ms. Wang Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee; Ms. Huang Guanhua, Vice President; Ms. Fu Wanli, Vice President; Ms. Luo Junfeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the graduation ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Roujie.


Before the graduation ceremony, all the teachers and students watched the graduation commemorative video and recalled the bits and pieces of university life. Professor Tao Tao delivered a speech. On behalf of the International College, he expressed the warmest congratulations and best wishes to the 2019 graduates. He expressed his highest respect and thanks to the hard-working faculty and the parents of students. In his speech, President Tao pointed out that as a direct college of Xiamen University specializing in international education, the International College had introduced international high-quality educational resources and updated teaching conditions to help Chinese students realize their dream of studying abroad. Since 2005, the college has nurtured more than 4,200 outstanding graduates with an international perspective. This year, the International College has a total of 480 graduates. Many of the students have obtained the opportunity to study abroad to get a master’s degree. Many of them have successfully found a job. The hotel and exhibition management program, art design program, Sino-US program and Sino-Japanese program continue to maintain a good rate of students studying abroad.  Many students of these programs have received full or half scholarships from foreign universities. The 2019 graduates have showed the school and the society their satisfactory academic performance.


Later, the foreign lecturers, Michael Budzenski and Zhao Bangxiu congratulated the graduates on competing their studies successfully. Michael quoted Georgia O'Keefe, the mother of American modernism, pointing out that interest is the most important thing in life. Happiness is temporary and interest is long lasting. He encouraged graduates to seek their own interests and have happier lives. Teacher Zhao Bangxiu shared the 16-character proverb of General Secretary Xi Jinping with the graduates “diligence, self-cultivation, clarification, honesty, patriotism, inspiration, truth-seeking, and commitment”. She expected 2019 graduates to remember them and strive to fulfill their missions as a successor to the socialist cause.


Ms. Cai Yanling gave a speech as the representative of parents of the 2019 graduates. She thanked all the teachers of the International College for their nurture. The success of the graduates is inseparable from the support of the college, and she expressed congratulations to the students who are going to study abroad.


At the graduation ceremony, as one of the outstanding graduates of the Dublin Project of our college, Ding Yucheng have been admitted to Columbia University to study for a master's degree in the United States. He said: the memories in Xiamen University will be with us for the rest of our lives. Meng Ruizhi, one of the 2016 pre-study program students said, she thanked the leaders and teachers in the International College for their teaching, and thanked the family and friends for their support and encouragement.


International College 2006 Alumni, Xiamen Twist Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Yunzhi Zhilian (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. ceo Liao Yuxing spoke as alumni representatives. He said that he was very honored to have the opportunity to return to Xiamen University after 10 years to share his own experience as an entrepreneur. He encouraged graduates who are going to study abroad to seize every opportunity to travel, to meet friends from all over the world, enrich their knowledge, and develop international perspective.


At the end of the graduation ceremony, the graduates walked to the podium with pride, took the certificate of completion and graduation from the leaders of the college.


After the ceremony, the graduates came to the signature wall and exhibition board set up by the college to sign their signatures and take photos as well as express their affection to their alma mater.

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