I want to become students’ favorite teacher


I majored in education when I was an undergraduate student. Now I am a master student from the 1+1 education master program in International College, cooperated with University of Southampton. I hope that I can continue my study during my master year in University of Southampton and also I will strive to become students’ favorite teacher.


I obtained lots of things during the year I studied in International College. First of all, curriculums given by foreign teachers are totally different from what I have learned before, both the contents and forms. Then, the strict and patient attitude of teachers from International College impressed me greatly.

Before I made the decision to study in International College, I had hesitated for a period of time because I took several elements into account. At first, Xiamen University will be a good background school for me to apply for oversea universities. Secondly, this program has been launched for years in Xiamen University. The successful path of senior students gives me more confidence for both myself and this program. What’s more, accompanied by lots of classmates, I won not feel lonely and upset to get used to the life in Southampton. The year I spend in China will be of great help to me.

If you ask what my most unforgettable experience studied in International College is, I would say the moment I communicated and exchanged thoughts with foreign students. International College had series of regular activities providing opportunities for us students to talk to foreigners, which helps a lot with my language.

For junior students who want to get further education abroad, study hard as possible as you can during undergraduate period because GPA is the most important thing. Then you must learn to overcome the difficulty of language and get a decent IELTS score. IELTS is an examination-oriented test and the difficulty fluctuates clearly. I would suggest students who have not taken an IELTS exam should study really hard for at least 2 months and applied for 2 tests at the same time, to find a sense of performing well in exams. From the score of my last IELTS test, I do have improved a lot with my English.

I’m looking forward to study abroad and start my new life. I hope I can overcome all the difficulties and study and live happily with my friends there. Last but not least, I would send my best wishes to International College and wish it have a successful future.

(Class 2015, Education Master, Huang Yiran)

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