Aspire to comprehensive development, Obtain offer from Deloitte


Pan Zhuoming, a senior accounting student of XMU-DBS Sino-Foreign cooperative program who obtained an offer from the Deloitte (one of the big four accounting firms in the world).

Pan just finished his master examination. In fact, he already received the offer from the Deloitte accounting firm three months ago. Entering for the master examination is just a test to him. When talking about his choice in the third year of the college, he said he had already started to prepare all the things of studying abroad, master examination and even the employment. Because of his parents and personal reason, Pan didn't choose to go abroad in his senior year. Instead, he preferred to work after graduation. He recalls that only Deloitte and KPMG have recruitment in Xiamen this year. Not only applied for these two firms, he also applied for the Standard Chartered and HSBC. Luckily, he finally got the offer from the Deloitte. He planned to start his induction training next October and work in November.

We all know that the employees that the big four accounting firms recruit looking for is not confined to economic management majors. Pan said this is because they are confident about their own training systems. Therefore, they focus more on analytical ability, numeracy and comprehensive ability. The tests of Deloitte and KPMG include mathematical calculation, logical analysis and reading comprehension. Pan said the professional requirements of big four examination is not that terrifying, but the difficulty is the master of time. You have to finish 9 short paragraph reading, 27 questions in total, within 30 minutes and 24 calculation problems within 24 minutes. In this regard, Pan suggested the students who intend to work in big four should collect some related questions and do more practice. Compared with the written test, interview is way more important, because the interview can show the personal ability and characteristics. For the interview of the Deloitte, the Deloitte will divide all the candidates into different groups and require the groups to analyze the company's PEST and SWOT and do a presentation. Candidates will also be asked about the company and the industry. When it comes to this, Pan said he was rejected by KPMG just because he did not fully understand the company, so you must well prepare in advance and collect enough information about the company and the industry to handle the interview.

Besides the offer from the Deloitte, Pan received another offer from a real estate company in Xiamen. Although the pay is more tempting than the Deloitte's, Pan eventually choose the Deloitte because he is able to learn more and have a wider career prospects

Aspire to comprehensive development in the university , In daily life, Pan does exercise every day and is very outstanding in basketball, movies, games and socials. He makes a lot of friend through different kinds of activities, with a wide variety of people, met a lot of interesting people. When talking about his previous failures, Pan said the failure itself is also a kind of experience, it can build up our own character, in fact, the attitude is very important. You will meet the next success only if you enable to walk out of the failure as soon as possible, . And his personality may be one of the important reasons that he was admitted by the Deloitte.

Pan is the assistant of the university's employment guidance center so he is very experienced in the employment consultation. Because of the campus location, information of the latest recruitment and financial consulting are in relatively limited in Xiangan campus. However, this kind of information is very important for students majoring in economics and business management. Therefore, Pan suggested the students should pay more attention to the relevant information about internships in case great chances will slip away. He also suggested us entering for all kinds of qualifying tests : futures qualification certificate, securities qualification certificate, bank qualification certificate, CPA certificate etc.. Pan intends to attend CPA exam once he starts to work, hoping to get the certificate within 3 to 5 years.

While making a plan, Pan is aware of his own shortcomings, lacking practical experience and professional skills. Thus, he has to work harder. The freshmen and sophomores can learn from  the experiences and shortcomings of junior and senior students to make a better choice for individual development.

We wish the experiences of Pan can be the guidance of the students to find out your own directions and we also wish him have a better future.

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