Learn to choose, Chase a dream


Alumni:<Xu Linyang, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2011 and pursued his last two years' bachelor degree in the Shizuoka Sangyo University this year and received a scholarship of a total of 800,000 yen in tuition reduction for two years.>

Graduated from secondary school to apply for enlistment, and then decided to study in the International College of the Xiamen University and keep studying in Japan in the future. His every choice a is different life experience. These experiences also give him a far more mature and stable temperament than their peers. When the young sentimentality gradually receded, the illusion of youth and reality constantly intertwined, it became very wonderful.

Q: Graduated from secondary school to apply for enlistment, and then decided to study in Japan, your experiences are always more special?

Xu: Yes, I was naughty at that time and I didn't like studying. Because my grades are not idea, I failed getting into high school. Instead, I attended the secondary school. Being in the army is one of my dreams when I was a little kid and I just want to realize my dream. After two years, I chose to be one of the demobilized conscripts. Most of the comrades chose to work or start business. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to study in the International College, so I really appreciate it.

Q: Why do you choose the Sino-Japanese cooperative program of the International College?

Xu: I think the Xiamen University is a very good platform to go abroad and I'm interested in Japanese. In the two years of the International College, I took a lot of specialized courses including the Information Technology, Trade, Tourism, and Japanese Culture and so on. I feel quite good about it because it is much better than looking for an agency or participating in the language training class. In addition, I was able to study in the Xiamen University and experience college life which is like a dream come true.

Q: Have you done some researches about the Shizuoka Sangyo University?

Xu: Yes, I contacted with our college students who have already studied in the Shizuoka Sangyo University. They are very enthusiastic. I consult them a lot before going abroad and also read the school brochures. The overall is good, especially the school is located next to Mount Fuji and the transportation is very convenient.

Q: You get scholarship offered by the Japanese university, what advantages do you think you have?

Xu: I take the scholarship as a encouragement to me. I feel very happy that I can help parents save some tuition fees. My advantage is that I spent more time on study and feel interested in learning Japanese. Of course I can't do this without my mother's support. Here I'd like to say thank you to my mother and the cultivation of the college and the teachers. The teachers of the Sino-Japanese program are very responsible and they always solved our problems patiently. 

class.Q: Can you talk about attending the Shizuoka Kogyo examination?

Xu: I felt very nervous when I was noticed that Japanese teacher will come here for an interview. However, it is much easier when I find that the Japanese teachers are very nice after meeting. They asked me if I am worried about Japan's natural disasters and political issues as well as the Japanese culture. Overall, the interview was quite good.

Q: You will study in Japan very soon, what expectations and plans do you have?

Xu: I expect a lot before going to Japan. The diet, the lifestyle, the teachers and so on. I appreciate the seriousness of the Japanese and I also like Japan's clothing, some handmade items, as well as the architectures they imitate the Tang Dynasty’s. I will seize the opportunity to open my mind and broaden the horizons. My major involves sightseeing and tourism, and may be engaged in hospitality industry in the future.

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