On my way from Taiwan to XMU and then to the UK


Alumni: <Xue Rouchen, 2011 session Bachelor of business administration program of the University of London, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2011 and proceeded to the University of London to continue the last two years' bachelor degree in June of this year >

Before entering the International College, I have been living in Jinmen and all my friends and classmates know each other very well since we are little kids. Because of that, I do want to make more friends and broaden my circle of life so that I have determined to study in Xiamen. More importantly, studying in the Xiamen University has been my goal when I was a high school student.  In the third year of the high school, I got a chance to know about the QM cooperation program of the International College. Not only can study in domestic university for two years and enjoy the a wealth of learning resources of XMU, but also I am able to ultimately get the QM diploma. Hence, I decided to come to the International College and start my campus life.

QM program is really a good platform for students to lay a solid foundation and then keep pursuing for overseas education. Rather than directly studying abroad, learning in the college helps up save a lot of time. I met many responsible and passionate teachers in the International College. All the teachers are very knowledgeable. Every time when I put up questions, they always try their best to help us. I don't think it is tough to apply for the ideal university only if you follow teachers' instructions and make good use of spare time to communicate with the teachers.

I have been obsessed with riding a bike after coming to Xiamen. Furthermore, I also joined the Xiamen bicycle association. if I don't return to Jinmen at weekends, I will ride not the weekend back to Kinmen, and I will ride around with riders to discover everywhere in Xiamen. Especially when I encountered the bottleneck in study, I will put aside all the things and slowly riding in order to have a clearer mind!

Studying abroad is a brand new start to me. At the stage of preparation, fear of the unknown is actually greater than excitement. However, I think studying abroad will definitely make me grow a lot and make my life more colorful. I hope I am able to be accustomed to the local life and communicate with people from all over the word when I was in London. Besides, I am looking forward to experiencing the western teaching mode and using the knowledge to help my future career. In addition, seizing the opportunities of internship and applying for master are my goals in the UK.

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