Master of Education, a year spent in the International College


Alumni: <Zhan Meng, 2012 session Master of Education program of Southampton, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2012 and kept pursuing his last-year master degree in the University of Southampton in September of this year >

With my upcoming trip to Britain for study, I feel honored to have a chance to share with everyone about my time spent in the International College. When I am looking back the past, why I chose the Master of Education cooperative program of the International College and the University of Southampton? Because I know the program is worth a lot. First of all, the University of Southampton is well-known university that has top teachers, first-class hardware facilities and a broad international perspective compared with other foreign universities. Secondly, the Xiamen University, as the one of the top 985,211 colleges and universities, the perfect facilities have laid a solid foundation for the International College to carry out the high-quality teaching. Thirdly, the college leaders and teachers have been keeping good communication with Southampton to ensure the high-quality teaching in the college.

In the year of the International College, I have been through a lot for the first time. Doing a presentation in English for the first time. Independently completing the essay in English for the first time. Meeting so many passionate and appealing teachers for the first time. But impress me most is the experience of completing the paper for a few times to. The domestic education has made me accustomed to using the beautiful rhetoric and writing some empty and tasteless articles. Rather, the teachers here have been teaching us to be critical and specific. In order to help us become familiar with the writing standards of foreign essays as soon as possible, teacher Yang Xu, Vivian and Lily have been guiding us to use various methods to write a more critical article, including the interpretation of the famous articles. They also analyze the shortcomings of our papers, help us to collect relevant literature, and guide us to brain storm and so on. Their professions, meticulousness and responsibilities have a great impact on us and their encouragement and affirmation greatly motivates us to keep moving forward.

As for me, the unforgettable experience of the International College helps me constantly improve myself and eventually cultivating a tenacious spirit and solid academic foundation that will benefit me all my life.

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